As a market leader in design innovation all Haines Hunters come with security of strength in construction, superb sea keeping ability and the very best value for money.

Remember, “The best investments give greatest returns”, and Haines Hunter will deliver.


“The new Haines Hunter SP725 is a worthy successor to the late Haines Hunter 700/720. It's bigger, more modern, and a fine performer with a 300hp engine, but would still go well with less horsepower. There's no such thing as an all-rounder, but this comes close."

Boating New Zealand, August 2011.

"Fit and finish is first-class, while looks and handling will give most big tinnies a hurry-up - as will the price. Better still, the Haines Hunter name means residual value will remain high when it comes time to sell.

SF660/SS660 Review by John Eichelsheim, Boating New Zealand

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